Monday, 29 June 2015

Perth Real Commercial Pros Can Help You Deal with Property Development

You need a sound strategy, such as what a Perth commercial property expert can provide, when you decide to enter the world of property development. Property development ventures can be complicated and even pose certain challenges that might catch even seasoned investors off guard. Such challenges can have an impact not only on investors themselves but also the communities where they operate. A lot of real estate investors are eager to get involved in property development, often at their own expense, without first understanding the intricacies involved. Property developers have to undertake a host of crucial tasks to increase their chances of success; otherwise, they could face certain loss.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Perth Commercial Real Estate: Tips for a Good Site Feasibility Study

Finding a property that fits your investment criteria, particularly in terms of scale and location, can be a godsend. Naturally, you’ll want to snap it up before anyone else does. Before you do, though, you have to ask yourself one important question: Is the property feasible? In other words, is it going to be worth your time, energy, and money to develop the site?

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Commercial Property in Perth: Leasing Tips for Office Property Owners

"Of the many types of commercial property in Perth, offices are the most sought-after among investors. In a survey conducted last March, offices accounted for 61 per cent of property investments, which translates to $14.9 billion out of the total $24.4 billion. With various global corporations setting up shop in the city, and small to midsize businesses needing viable workspaces in CBDs, property investors can expect considerable returns. If you plan on owning an office property, you need to prepare a strategic leasing plan that will help you maximise the returns from your asset. Here are some tips to help shape that plan."

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Perth Property Investment: Entice Customers to Follow When You Move

"After spending 50 years in Dianella, Channel Nine confirms it will be moving into its new home in the Perth CBD. The new facility, which is located at 253 St. Georges Terrace and covers approximately 2,500 sqm, features three buildings, a fully digitised studio and an outdoor video wall. The station plans to move there by August, 2016. Channel Nine managing director David Mott explains the move as a way to seize Perth CBD’s “renewed vibrancy.” He adds, “Nine Perth will become an important part of the ongoing regeneration of the city.”"