Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Why Should You Invest in a Property?

Property investment is on the upswing among Australians this year. You might be one of those who are considering to apply for a loan to fund your property investment. Property investing is seen by the business savvy to be somewhat a safer investment given that property values grow and rarely devalue. With the proper moves, you can call the shots in this investment, and returns from this investment fall directly into your hands.

The first thing you’ll need to know about investing in a commercial property is that it’s slightly less risky than a residential property. Commercial properties usually have ten or more tenants, and when you lose one of them, you only lose a fraction of the income for that property, whereas you’ll lose your entire income when you lose a tenant in a single-family residential property.

Another advantage in investing in a commercial property through rentals is that, unlike with residential properties where tenants turn to you when something goes wrong, such as with a busted light or a clogged toilet, in commercial properties, as your tenants are businesses, they handle the repairs themselves and look for the workers who can fix things so as not to disrupt their business. Sure, having a second house and renting it out while waiting for its value to increase before selling might be one way to do property investment, but don’t limit yourself to that. There are commercial real estate properties for sale in Perth that you could put your investment in and have a reliable property manager to handle the details of everyday operations.

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