Friday, 6 March 2015

Proactive Management Keeps Your Perth Commercial Property Profitable

Kogan Pantry gets at least one thing right: narrowing their focus on specific consumer segments. Nirmalya Kumar, professor of marketing at the London Business School, believes that limiting product choices to a minimum eases supply lines. He uses Aldi as an example, which also has branches within Perth and offers about 700 products, far fewer than major supermarket chains. For landlords, this means only one thing: Never let size be the sole factor for determining your choice of tenants for Perth commercial property for lease. With the right cards, small businesses can be quite successful and add more variety to consumers' choices. On top of that, small businesses know how to operate on a more personal level in terms of after-sales assistance and customer service. In other words, a small or even a start-up business can be the right sort of tenant, one that brings in a regular income stream and uses the leased property responsibly.

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