Friday, 12 September 2014

On Investing on Commercial Property in Perth

Less has been written about investing in a non-residential or commercial property (office, retail and industrial) compared to its residential counterpart. What can be noted is not its lack of appeal to investors but the fact that they would rather invest in something already familiar to them. Knowing more about the benefits of investing in commercial property might do the trick.

Investing in a commercial property could include having long-term mortgage coming from its tenants, giving your business clear and fixed costs while generating income. When it comes to financing, you can also use mortgage loans to finance your purchase and the monthly amount needed could end up like paying for a lease. When dealing with other clients or business partners, you can offer the property as a guarantee.

Being on the other side of the fence has its perks, one of which is control. Owning your property provides more control and security in handling it. If there are any renovations done to its premises, it also increases the value of the owner’s investment. Lastly, there are tax advantages or deductions given by the Australian government for business property owners— if your property is used to run a business or is available to rent for that purpose only.

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