Friday, 19 September 2014

What to ask a Commercial Property Manager

Many people who take the leap into investing in or owning a commercial property do so because they want a passive source of income that they don’t have to work so hard for. For this reason, they choose to hire an efficient commercial property management company. If you want to hire one, be sure to throw some of these queries at your prospective management firm:

Do they have a dedicated property management department?
Some companies don’t take property management as seriously as you’d expect—some simply opt to make management a division of their sales team. You should hire firms that have teams especially dedicated to management that can efficiently cater to the needs of their clients.
How long has the manager been in the company?
You should vet your prospective manager and hire the one with a reputation for stability and integrity, one whom you can be assured will take the time to know the ins and outs of your property and manage it well. You’ll know a manager is right for you when he follows through on any difficult challenge and takes property management as a career worth his name, and not just a passing trade.
What areas does the manager cover?

Another important factor you should consider when choosing a manager is the geographical location or communities that he covers. It is best to choose a manager with sufficient knowledge about your locality.

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